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    Question Compatibility issues

    Hey guys and galls,
    My second post...so you can imagine it's still a noob question, but...
    What platform should i use to make an application that can be extremely portable from one phone to another?
    I plan on making an application that can be easily portable from Series 40 phones to Series 60 and vice versa, but also on other phone brands.
    From what I read on this forum my only choice would be Java midlets, but this raises a problem for me since my app will use bluetooth to transfer data (instead of GPRS, EDGE, UMTS etc..) and draw an vector image (is this possible??)
    I want to use Eclipse for the development of my app, any good pointers for tutorials, plug-ins etc. that my aid me in the process?


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    Re: Compatibility issues

    The only development language available on many different phones is Java. For example you can develop with C++, Java (and Python) on S60 devices but only Java is available on Series 40 phones. Java is also widely available on phones from other manufacturers.

    Unfortunately the available APIs vary a lot from phone to phone. Currently Bluetooth API (JSR-82) is widely available but SVG support (JSR-226) is available on latest Series 40 phones but not yet on S60 phones.

    You can use Eclipse to develop on Mobile Java. Download and install Carbide.j on top of Eclipse and also download and install for example Series 40 FP1 SDK (You could also use Prototype SDK 4.0). All are available on http://www.forum.nokia.com for free.

    There is also documentation at http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/reso...ion/index.html and at http://java.sun.com/javame


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