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    N73 cannot install themes

    I changed to a 1Gb mini SD card, and tried to reinstall my downloaded themes.

    The phone does not allows me to reinstall the old themes from my inbox. The themes are in ***.sis file format.

    The only thing it does is it only allows me to install new themes to the new memory card.

    Is there some where that I should uninstall the older theme first? or reinstall a new one? I tried re-naming them but it doesn't work as well.

    There's nothing in the user menu mentioning this.

    Any kind soul here can help?

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    Re: N73 cannot install themes

    could you tell a bit more what happens ?

    Is there any error notes shown or does it just ignore you trying to open the sis file from inbox ?

    Anyway if you have your old card, you might try just copying all files from it to the new one, and maybe old themes would then work without re-installation.


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    Re: N73 cannot install themes

    Have you unistalled the old ones (through Tools->Application Manager)?

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    Re: N73 cannot install themes

    I have some problems with my theme,too. I sent my phone back to update the fireware. When I turn on my phone the very first time when I got it back, it installed the programs from my memory card. Then I found I had one theme installed in my memory but I can't remove it from file manager because there is no such name under manager. How can I delete it ?? Can anyone help me? thanks..

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    Re: N73 cannot install themes

    Use a card reader on your computer, locate the file and delete it
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