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    Carbide.c++, problems with breakpoints

    I have 2 project solution where first project is dll and second is GUI.
    The problem is that breakpoints in GUI are working fine but, but ones in dll doesn't. Is this normal? How can I make breakpoints in DLL break?

    Breakpoints in dll are unresolved and in gui resolved (state is enabled in both). How can I make carbide to "resolve" the breakpoints?

    From eclipse online help: Indicates that the breakpoint is currently enabled but not located in the executable during a debug session. Debugger cannot halt program execution.

    Same I tested the project in VS.NET 2003 and there breakpoits worked in same spots.


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    Re: Carbide.c++, problems with breakpoints

    See Carbide.c++ Help to find the info on how to debug dll's. The section is even called "Debugging DLLs".

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