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    VideoPlayer.h / mmfPluginInterfaceUIDs.hrh

    When I try to compile a code including VideoPlayer.h in SDK S60_3rd, it gives me error saying "couldnt find mmfPluginInterfaceUIDs.hrh".

    I changed mmf/common/mmfcontroller.h line 14 to

    #include <mmf\plugin\mmfPluginInterfaceUIDs.hrh>

    (it was #include <mmfPluginInterfaceUIDs.hrh>)

    now it works. Is it a bug or do I miss something in my configuration ? (using carbide c++)

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    Re: VideoPlayer.h / mmfPluginInterfaceUIDs.hrh

    For the 3rd edition sdk are you using the newer Maintenance Release ??

    I was getting a problem like that before when i was using the older 3rd edition sdk, but when i installed the newer Maintenance Release it went away

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    Re: VideoPlayer.h / mmfPluginInterfaceUIDs.hrh

    It's a bug.

    Alternatively, you can add SYSTEMINCLUDE \epoc32\include\mmf\plugin to your MMP file - that way you won't have to change the header on each SDK installation you want to compile on.

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