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    On S60 3rd-Device Help Viewing glitch


    it has recently been brought to my attention by a customer that help pages rendering on S60 3rd devices - and particularly on E50 and N73 - sometimes arbitrarily inserts a new line between two words which should be on the same line.

    even more peculiar : if you scroll down to the bottom of the apparently corrupted help page (so that the arbitrarily-inserted new line is out of view), and then back up, rendering is accurate (i.e.: the arbitrary new line has disappeared) and stays accurate until you reload the help page.

    I've tried tweaking the rtf source file by removing the bullet lists and any kind of text formatting but I still get the same result.

    has anyone witnessed this phenomenon ?


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    Re: On S60 3rd-Device Help Viewing glitch

    yeah, i meet that too.
    how do you insert bullets in help?

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    Re: On S60 3rd-Device Help Viewing glitch

    you can insert bullets by choosing the adequate list formatting that is made available after including the proper cshelpxx.dot in that word application of microsoft's.

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