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    N91 crashed with Nokia Software Updater !!!PLS HELPPPP!!!

    I have this huge problem...I have a Nokia N91 ,for which I payed 500Euro and I just bought it for one week..I tried the The Nokia Software Updater and it all gone fine until the end ,when I got the message on the screen that the program lost the connection..and this is when the nightmare start...the phone crashed...now it only turning on and it staying on a white screen and it not doing nothing...not even turning OFF...I am very dissapointed about this,....I can`t belive that it is possible to releaase something that is ruining your phone...
    Can anyone have a solution for this???The phone is brought from out my country and I can`t ship it to waranty!!!!Please help!!!!!
    I just want my N91 back!!!

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    Re: N91 crashed with Nokia Software Updater !!!PLS HELPPPP!!!

    Hi defekt85! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    I have already posted a reply here in this link
    Pelase dont make multiple postings in same regard.


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