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    Distributing for Symbian 9 without Symbian Signed

    I need to clear up something about distribution. I am developing a Symbian 9 (S60 3rd Edition) application which requires the use of some capabilities (swEvent, networkServices). currently I am using a developer certificate signed by my Verisign Publisher ID. by the nature of this certificate, it is limited to up to 20 IMEIs.

    what happens when I want to distribute ?
    can I distribute unsigned ? when I try to install unsigned sis on my phone, I get the error "Certificate Error, Contact the Application Supplier".

    Is it a must to symbian signed by one of the test houses in order to distribute ?

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    Re: Distributing for Symbian 9 without Symbian Signed

    Since you need swEvent capability, you'll need to get your application signed. Two ways come to mind, one is through symbian signed via the test houses. Other is freeware signing, but that obviously has its limits regarding getting compensation of your work. Normally, Symbian 9.x does not allow unsigned software to be installed.

    More info:
    platform_security_a_technical_overview_v1.1.pdf from SDK docs

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    Re: Distributing for Symbian 9 without Symbian Signed

    also you might want to check which functions are requiring the SwEvet capability, and possibilities on replacing those functionalities with something that doesn't require it, then you might be able to get it distributed with self-signing.


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