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    sip profle of S60 and sip example

    when i change defalut settings for sip in internal.config file, after running my app illegal argument exception genertes.

    com.nokia.phone.ri.sip.user_address: sip:600@
    com.nokia.phone.ri.sip.display_name: qasitouch
    com.nokia.phone.ri.sip.local_port: 8891

    why it happens, does any one has run the sip example for sendmessage involving a sipServer 2. if so then how u did it.



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    Re: sip profle of S60 and sip example

    hi. what was the illegalargumentexception?
    When i edited my internal.config file, i got this error print out:

    IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character '

    is yours the same?

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