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    E70-1 Firmware Upgrade


    I have early firmware version 1.0610.05.06. I wish to install the blackberry connect client which requires 1.0610.05.07. Where can I find this software upgrade. Can I install this myself via download or over the air?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: E70-1 Firmware Upgrade

    hi Rob,

    there is no customer soft update:
    for that device,
    so just go to your carrier service or local nokia service to flash (change) your firmware for that device (you need to backup all data first),

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    Re: E70-1 Firmware Upgrade

    Thank you for your reply,

    I bought the phone in finland and live in Canada (no E70 support). I understand that the firmware upgrade and flash instructions are available at nokia.dogtoe.com. I have read several success cases on various forums however this site has since been moved to ftp://nokia.dogtoe.com and login credentials are required (which I cannot find). I'm stuck without access...

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    Re: E70-1 Firmware Upgrade

    It is not clear from your first message if you tried installing the app or did you just read the requirements without ever trying to install? The difference between the builds is not very big...


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