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    ERROR 1 due to missing eexe.dso

    I have created my application with carbide C++. It works fine in the emulator, but when I switch the project to the "S60 3.0 Phone (GCCE) Release" I get an "ERROR 1" because of the missing eexe.dso library.
    They is no eexe.dso in my SDK, just a eexe.lib.
    When I remove the eexe.dso in the carbide project entry, I get linker errors.
    The "CSL Arm Toolchain" is installed.

    Does anybody know, how to solve the problem with the eexe.dso ?

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    Re: ERROR 1 due to missing eexe.dso

    Check the libraries list in the GCCE linker project properties. It's possible that the extension is wrong there. If so you can edit it can correct it.


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