This is something that should be of interest to PyS60 developers as well. Here's recent post by Mark Shackman in the newsgroup discussion.symbian.signed on

Notwithstanding the discussion in the other part of this thread, you can
obtain a Developer Certificate for Freeware applications for any

The process is that you need to email CellMania (symbian @, copying to Symbian Signed (symbiansigned @ [remove spaces either side of the @], and specifying the

- your name, email address and contact details (address, phone number)
- an overview of your application
- the IMEI number (one only) of the device you are using to test
- the full list of capabilities you require. For manufacturer-approved
capabilities, you need to briefly explain why these are required

We'll update the Freeware FAQ on with this information
in due course.

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