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    HelloCarbide.rsg cannot be opened

    I've installed Carbide.c++ and the S60 SDK 3rd Edition but when I try and build a Project, I get the following errors:

    the file "HelloCarbide.rsg" cannot be opened
    undefined identifier 'R_MESSAGE_TEXT'

    Any ideas?


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    Re: HelloCarbide.rsg cannot be opened

    my guess: Have you install a perl?
    If not, I think that you have to install ActivePerl, otherwise .rss file with resources will not be compiled to .rsg file that is needed for building process to continue.

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    Re: HelloCarbide.rsg cannot be opened

    rsg files are created when rss (resource) files are successfully compiled. This means that the rss compile failed (or didn't compile). Make sure/fix that it does.
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