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    Simple Server/Client Socket program


    I am doing on simple client/server program in j2me. its working fine in emulators but problem with i am not able connect estabish with server from client and on real mobile.if any security option has to enable on my mobile or somewhere for running this application.i am using nokia 6630 mobile.

    please any one help me and find out my problems its very urgent to implement in my project.

    thanks a lot

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    Re: Simple Server/Client Socket program

    Can you be please a little more specific in describing the error..

    Do you get any exceptions? Does the phone ask for permission to use network connection?


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    Re: Simple Server/Client Socket program

    hi mottaisami,

    to make sure that is not related to any programming aspects but could be device configuration issue please also check:
    if your settings for access points are correct (you can request service settings at any time from your service/data carrier, eg. via web page)
    try any other j2me midlet which uses tcp/ip to see if its working,
    nice one to test (and every day use) is OperaMini:


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