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    Very newbie questions

    I'm a newbie in Series 60 and I'm trying to port my ANSI C code on this platform. The questions are as follows.

    1. How to install .sis file?
    - Although I read many docs, I failed to find the physical connection between phone and my desktop.
    - I cannot use irDA nor wap.
    - does there exist any data cable and install program for this purpose?

    2. Is it possible to use GUI component in a (.exe) application?
    - My application is a graphical application and needs GUI. However, it contains inevitable global variables and hence I have to build it as (.exe).

    3. How to access directly to framebuffer?
    - My application shows very dynamic scenes. To accelerate refresh rate, I want to access framebuffer directly.

    Any answer, comment or reference will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    RE: Very newbie questions

    To your first question:

    (Nokia 7650) You can install SIS files over IrDA, Bluetooth or Over the Air. In rapid development and testing use, in my opinion, BT and IrDA are the most convenient. There is no serial cable connector in the Nokia 7650.

    Best Regards,
    Ari / Forum Nokia

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