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    Question what does RM-84,RM-99 means?

    I used Nokia PC Suite Connectivity API 1.1 to develop a softwart running on PC. Then I connected a N70 to PC with USB data line and I can get the device information. But the model name I got is RM-84 unexpectedly, not N70.
    I would like to know RM-84 is the version of hardware or the version of software. and Can I identify the device is N70 through RM-84 uniquely. In another word, Can I take use of the model name RM-XX to identify the device is N70 or 6681 or else? Thank you

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    Re: what does RM-84,RM-99 means?

    If you checked under the battery you will find the same number there. RM-84 is internal model number for WCDMA N70.


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