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    Issue with APp deployment on 6265i

    I have been trying to make PC Suite 6.81 to recognize my Telus 6265i as a valid device for app. install. Tried using BT-USB connectivity and USB connectivity (CA-53 cable & drivers). In the Nokia Application Installer screen, on the left, in the "phone selector" the 6265i always appears greyed-out and on the right, in "my phone" i see "No supported phone selected". All the other PC Suite apps (file xfer, sync, contacts) work fine over BT or USB. Nokia's Theme Studio 2.1 as well works fine. A quite similar app depployment issue can be observed while trying to deploy .jad applications with CarbideJ 1.5: the phone connection is established but the deployment fails after establishing the connection with the phone. I don't know where the issue is - is that a locking feature that Telus did not mention? Or maybe is a compatibility issue? It's funny because Nokia specifically mentions the PC Suite App. install capability for 6265i. Here is the phone info:
    Model: 6265i (I'm in Canada and a Telus customer)
    Software: VHL100V1000.nep 17-05-06 RM-66 (c)NMP
    Wireless Web (should'n matter):

    Thanks for any help


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    Re: Issue with APp deployment on 6265i

    Have you tried sending the app to the phone directly from the Windows File Manager using Send to->Bluetooth (available on right-click)? (Does not solve your PC suite issue though...)


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