Hi everyone, apologies in advance for what is more than likely a very silly question but Im just starting to get to grips with j2me programming using forte ME and the nokia sdk. I have a perl cgi talking to the 6310i emulator and loading the data into a choicegroup thats displayed to the phone. On creation of a choicegroup the emulator automatically creates me a Mark/Unmark command and adds it to my app.

The problem is that I would like to intercept this Mark command to have it automatically respond to the click rather than use Mark to mark the item and then use another command that ive created to then determine the marked item within the choicegroup. I thought this might have been fairly easy but there dont appear to be any fields within Command to allow me to define my own command for Mark/Unmark (i.e there appears to Command.EXIT, Command.OK etc but no Commmand.Mark).

Any help/advice would be very gratefully received!