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    computer restarts on using S60 emulator

    Hi ,
    I am using the S60 emulator . the problem is that when i close the emulator the computer restarts.. can anyone help me out.

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    Re: computer restarts on using S60 emulator

    I imagine many more details than what you gave are needed to resolve that problem.

    For starters:
    - What kind of a PC?
    - Latest BIOS updates done?
    - How much memory?
    - Which version of Windows?
    - Latest fixes from Microsoft installed?
    - Which SDK/emulator?
    - Does the emulator otherwise work OK?
    - Anything in the Windows event logs when/after this happens?
    - Anything else in the logs that might point you to the reason of the behaviour?
    - Any other apps/programs cause your PC to restart?
    - Tried to run any PC diagnostics programs to see if there's a bad memory chip, or something?
    - Etc.

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