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    Adding a third player in Maze Racer


    I have two questions:

    I am trying to add a third player in the Maze Racer game.
    Would like to know any idea ... welcome.

    1. In the mid game it should not be allowed.
    2. At the start how to add. As in the challenge mode only two people are involved.
    3. Should i use join or go for random start.

    Can i somehow make the game such that it should start as soon when min. number of players required enters the room.
    Is there any frame work support.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Adding a third player in Maze Racer

    hi Shiben,

    in that FN blog post:
    Ferdy mentioned "sort mode" from SNAP api for match-making (whilst challange mode is only for haed-to-head game),
    that doc:
    describes all match-making modes as:
    Match Making Modes
    * Challenge mode: one player challenges a specific opponent from their friends list or from within their current lobby or gameroom
    * Random mode: a user joins the first available gameroom in a Random mode lobby to play against any other available user
    * Join mode: a player joins a specified lobby and gameroom enabling quick and easy freestyle matchmaking.
    * Sort mode: a user joins an available gameroom in a Sort mode lobby. Users are joined to a gameroom to either top off a room or load balance across available rooms.
    all that I posted without looking into docs that ships with recent SNAP api sdk, try to find out more in them using keywords from quotes I posted,


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    Re: Adding a third player in Maze Racer

    Hi! Peter,

    Thanks Peter for your references.
    Mostly i had already gone through, but was not sure how to introduce / add the third player in the existing maze racer game. The game is very simple when played head to head otherwise.
    The description of API's are a bit half-heartedly written i feel.

    Please feel free to post if you stuck any idea on such.


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