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    Real phone emulator

    Hi experts

    I do not know is this question Nokia or network operator specific,
    but let's try to ask.

    I want to start to debug my software in real phone, but in
    that kind of phone that i do not have to pay operator fees !
    I just want to own phone that is not able to connect any
    commercial networks ( GSM, GPRS, EDGE ... ) !

    I want to load the app into phone and study common
    things as user interface graphics and ActiveObjects
    functionality. Sure phone must have Bluetooth and
    USB enabled for home labarotory usage.

    I live in Finland, so each native phone resellers may have different
    kind of ways to sell phones than in other countries.

    Any ideas with "real phone emulator" ?


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    Re: Real phone emulator

    Can't you just use any of the latest S60 phones on the market? I believe many of S60 phones doesn't require SIM card, e.g. Nokia 3250, 6680, N-Series, E-Series, etc.

    So you can just buy one of the phone and no need to insert any SIM card. It will operate in offline mode. You can debugging, connect to Bluetooth, USB and even WiFi (if supported by the phone).

    AFAIK, Finland doesn't allow locked phones, so you should be able to buy one easily.


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