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    help for Series 60 2nd Ed and .NET 2000

    i must modify and (re)compile an old Symbian serie 60 2nd Edition project using the Visual Studio .Net 2002. Some time ago i resolved the problem with a very good advice by Anthony Pranata about modifying some files from wich the project file is generated.
    At present day the advice is not prensent on http://www.antonypranata.com/articles/
    and i've lost the file where i copied it. Can anyone tell me what are the modifications an where to do them?

    Today i've Visual Studio .NET 2005 too there is a way to use it for this project?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: help for Series 60 2nd Ed and .NET 2000

    Have you checked if you can find the correct article through Internet Archive?



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    Many Thanks !!!!

    Hi hartti,
    really many thanks to you ! I'v found the old page at the web archive as you said.
    I don't knew the archive till then
    Thanks again


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