I have an embedded sis file including shared dlls(required by several applications).

Until 3rd edition, sissystem (sis type) handles installation, upgrading and uninstallation of shared dlls, but in 3rd edition, sissystem seems to be removed from sis types.

How can I get my "shared dlls"(embedded sis) to be installed when first application is installed, and keep them until last application using them is removed?
Is there any other way to use shared library?

SDK Help says:
"Embedded SIS files are installed and removed together with the embedding SIS file. But note that an embedded SIS file is not removed if another installed component has declared a dependency upon it. "
but embedded sis is always removed during uninstallation of main sis even if I declared a dependency for embedded sis within another sis file.

(I tried this on NokiaE61)

Is there anything that can prevent embedded sis file to be removed???