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    Thumbs down E70 bugs with the latest firmware 1.0610.05.07

    Hello Nokia Engineers

    I have these bugs in my E70, and I hope you'll be able to fix them soon.

    Please pass them to an Engineer.

    1. Phone always say memory is full close some apps then try again when you open some browser windows, because there is big leak problem in the phone RAM.

    2. Mediaplayer stops after a while (appr. 5 min.) after phone goes on standby. Program seems to block.

    3. When I try to hear the live radio in BBC via RealPlayer

    RP says it can't connect to it, I'm using the WLAN as the default access point.

    4. E70 memory backup doesn't backup contacts, calendar.

    5. When I call a phone which is switched off, I can't hang up, the phone shows "disconnect" but it stays like this 20 secs or so.

    Then I can make another call, and I redial the number and it's switched off, I'll get the same.

    I never used UMTS I disabled it in the phone settings, so my phone works on G2 only.

    And the problem only happen if I call switch off phone, the phone wont hand up when I press the red hang up button and I keep hearing the operator msg, you can't contact this person at the moment ..etc. for 15 to 20 secs.

    6. The WLAN keeps dropping the connections if the power save is enabled, even if I use it actively, and a messenger app use it.

    My current firmware is the latest one 1.0610.05.07

    Nokia E70

    Good luck Nokia!
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    Thank you,

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    Re: E70 bugs with the latest firmware 1.0610.05.07

    Please go to this link and see the reply from a Nokia Staff.


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