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    Question Bluetooth question

    Is it possible to skip the "MIDlet wants to open bluetooth client..." or so warning? I have an application that should exchange few bytes between master and slave "in background". In this case application is already running in both devices.

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    Re: Bluetooth question

    Bluetooth is part of local connectivity function group. You can change the access settings for each function group.
    On S60, go to application manager, select the midlet, select Options->Suite settings->Connectivity (or local connectivity)
    On Series 40 in application view, select the midlet and select Options->Access settings (or something like that)->Connectivity

    The default setting for unsigned midlets is "Ask Always" but you should be able to change that to "Always allowed" even for unsigned midlets.


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    Re: Bluetooth question

    how many threads on authorisation properties, signing apps and so have there been ?
    as it has been discussed hundred of times, these little anoying messages are security stuff.
    you may set the authorisations for the app to a certain level, like "ask once" by default, and get to "Always Allowed" if you ign your app.
    I don't think you can grant such level of authorisation without signing, but i haven't checked out.

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