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    Custom text box..

    hi, i would like to create my own text box .... can anyone tell me the method of doing it..I have displayed a picture on the screen and want the text box to be positioned at a particular position on the screen...how can i do it...

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    Re: Custom text box..

    have a look into the examples shipped with SDK. if you need user to input something you could use Editors, as shown in editor example. You could also set these editors to readonly or use labels to get non-editable textboxes.

    Also you could use gc functions to drawtext directly in your containers Draw()-Function, and it might be easiest to implement.


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    Re: Custom text box..

    i have loaded a picture on the screen.This pic has 2 empty boxes one for name and password. how do i input text such that the text is displayed at the position that i want. i think using draw would be ineffecient.

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