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    USE NUMBER functionality

    Has anyone had any luck using the USE NUMBER functionality on the 7110 ? I believe it parses the card unitl it finds a usable phone number. As yet I cannot determine what format a "usable phone number" is supposed to be in.
    Any input gratefully received. Cheers.

    Posted by Fraser White, fraser.white@etl.ericsson.se

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    RE: USE NUMBER functionality

    Just for clarification (because I was confused), "Use Number" is not a function, but rather a feature of the Nokia 7110 (I do not know about other phones).

    The Nokia 7110 has a feature "Use Number" that looks through a card for what it thinks of as phone number.

    So all you need to do is enter a line with a phone number for instance:
    Tel +44 20 555 1234

    Then what the user does is they click their Options button, and then select "Use Number" from the available options.

    From my own experiments, it would not work if I tried to include a phone number in a WTAI link on the phone number.

    This is all I have been able to determine from personal tinkering, but it would be nice if someone could get a Nokia developer to post a more indepth description here and also get the documentation clarified.

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