hi all,

as already mentioned in existing threads Nokia has just released new tool for authoring content for S60 platform - all based on Eclipse platform
Kudos to dev-team

Quick test proved me that it works far more stable/faster then previous (but bear with me - I've only played with Nokia content tools not doing anything for money - so my feedback could be not so "strict" as you would expect),
however at least we can tweak some aspects of running that too, for example change vm runtime switches and it DOES works compared to older tool - I've manged to tweak memory usage to meet my system ram without any issue having some Eclipse IDE experience ,

one missing feature - as it is standalone tool bulid on Eclipse: no custom add-ons to Eclipse can be added in that release - so for example we cannot use a tools like memory release plugin, etc, but hope that will be added at some point in future,

data sheet:

tool is self-contained - one can download it even on machine that does not have jre installed - so not tech-savvy Photoshop/Illustrator guy can use it also out-of-the-box just after installer finishes