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    Store the phone Uid s60 3rd edition

    Hi everybody!
    I work on series60 3rd edition, in this function i want to store the uid of my phone, but the line i pink provoques a "system error(-1)" and i don't why. If anybody has an idea... thanks!

    void CmobifinditAppUi::StorePhoneAppUidL()
    	_LIT (KFile,		 "Z:\\System\\Apps\\%S");
    	_LIT (KNowApp,	 "Now\\Now.app");
    	_LIT (KPhoneApp, "Phone\\Phone.app");
    	TBuf<64> mainApp;
    	TInt mUid;
    	HAL::Get (HALData::EMachineUid, mUid);
    	// Test phone model
    	//TUint ESendoX = 0x101FA031;
    	//if((TUint)mUid == ESendoX)
    	//	mainApp.Format (KFile, &KNowApp);
    	mainApp.Format (KFile, &KPhoneApp); // On N70 0x100058B3
    	TUid appUid;
    	TDataType dataType;
    	RApaLsSession apaLs;
    	User::LeaveIfError (apaLs.Connect ());
    	CleanupClosePushL (apaLs);
    	// crash with chinese emulator	
    	//#ifndef __WINS__
    	User::LeaveIfError (apaLs.AppForDocument (mainApp, appUid, dataType));
    	TBool isProgram;
    	User::LeaveIfError (apaLs.IsProgram(mainApp,isProgram));
    	if (appUid != KNullUid)
    		TApaTaskList taskList (iCoeEnv->WsSession ());
    		//TApaTask task = (taskList.FindApp (appUid));
    		TApaTask task2 = (taskList.FindByPos (1));
    		CApaWindowGroupName* temp = CApaWindowGroupName::NewL (iCoeEnv->WsSession (), task2.WgId ());
    		temp->AppUid ();
    		if(task2.Exists ())
    			iPhoneAppUid = appUid;
    	CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // apals

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    Re: Store the phone Uid s60 3rd edition

    s60 3rd changed folder structure and file locations. Application are not located anymore in \system\apps\

    Further applications are now .exe's instead of .app's

    So, the path and name you are specfiying is not correct anymore. Thus you get the -1 (not found) error back from the system.

    On the emulator the .exe's are in epoc\release\winscw\udeb (or urel)
    on the device in \sys\bin

    And your phone.app is now most likely phone.exe

    Best regards,

    -- Blizzz

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