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    Can't run native Symbian apps on memory card after phone restart

    I have a problem with my E70 - with original firmware and updated
    firmware being installed.

    I download Symbian applications ( S60 3rd Ed ) and install on memory
    card. These applications install and run OK. Howewever, when I turn
    OFF the E70, and switch back on again, all the Symbian applications no
    longer run that are installed on memory card. Nothing happens. I have
    plenty of free memory on internal and on memory card.

    Interesting, non native Symbian applications still work - for example,
    MIDP - Google Maps Java client - that still runs. Also, an application
    that is installed on the internal memory still works - AutoLock ( native
    Symbian ) . So, it appears that native Symbian applications are the
    only ones installed on memory card that stop running on a phone off /

    I can work around this problem by using the :

    Tools->Memory->Remove mem. card

    option. Of course, I don't take out the memory. Once this is done, all
    Symbian applications installed on memory card start to work again.

    This is not ideal - and shouldn't have to do this.
    I have removed the memory card password.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

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    Re: Can't run native Symbian apps on memory card after phone restart

    I'm facing the same problem with my Nokia 5500.

    I cannot run the pre-installed software on the memory card.

    But the software that i installed on phone memory which is Java worked normally.

    Why? Do I need to install any update?

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    Re: Can't run native Symbian apps on memory card after phone restart

    ya. I am facing the same problem with my 5500. I realised that after a reboot only certain apps work and the majority dont start. Now that you say, I too feel that only the default installed apps which came with the phone work and the ones newly installed are not working.

    But, I didnt know the option of unmounting the memory card, so I used to uninstall an application that wasnt working and then the rest that were not opening also started working. But this was so irritating as I then had to reinstall the removed application. But when I remove a working application then there is still no change to the status of the non working ones. nuts.

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    Angry Re: Can't run native Symbian apps on memory card after phone restart

    Has anyone solved this yet?!?! Please help us!

    This is an interesting problem. I have another 5500 as do 2 people in this thread, and we all have the same problem. I installed about 15 applications. Rebooted the phone. And magically, all the SYMBIAN applications on the MEMORY CARD no longer work.

    Someone in this thread posted that if you uninstall any application things just start working again. This is true.

    Someone also said that if you go tools-memory-remove mem. card it fixes the problem. However, 5500s do not have this function ANYWHERE, so our only option is to uninstall some random program.



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    Re: Can't run native Symbian apps on memory card after phone restart

    I have you have been posting this on device's support forums too, this is not the most adequate channel for reporting end-user issues. I will try to find out if this issue is known and eventually solved.

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    Re: Can't run native Symbian apps on memory card after phone restart

    Great. Thankyou so much! Please follow this up. Thanks again.

    By the way, more info on what happens is:
    I transfer apps to the mem card via the usb cable
    I install them using the file manager built into the phone
    I turn the phone off at night
    The next morning when i wake up, the apps no longer work anymore.
    Only the ones on the phone memory do.

    Someone previously posted to uninstall and install any app and it magically works again. This is true. If i uninstall ANY app, all just magically start working again. I have no idea why. If this is true, the temporary solution might be to create some app that can somehow act as though it is uninstalling and installing something. But of course i'm just a noob and have no idea what i'm talking about.

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