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    Something Very Important!

    i have a very important question to ask.MMS service will be start in my city,but there is some thing wrong,i must build a system which can analyse some codes. the codes comes from NOKIA ARTUSE WAP GATEWAY 3.0,i get these codes from a link which is between NOKIA ARTUSE WAP GATEWAY and MMS-RELAY.i know that the network protocol between GATEWAY and MMS-RELAY is HTTP1.0(HTTP1.1) protocol,and NOKIA told me that WAP-209-MMSENCAPSULATION protocol can help me to read these codes,but i have try my best,still can not find rules to analyse.how to deal with it????i think there is nothing to do with [WAP WSP],because GATEWAY to MMS-RELAY is use HTTP protocol.the MOBILE PHONE to GATEWAY using [WAP WSP] protocol,it is nothing to do with this.but how can i analyse the codes from WAP GATEWAY?????
    oh,my GOD!,MY BOSS WILL KILL ME!! HELP!!!!.................

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    RE: Something Very Important!

    Hello. Hope you're not dead, 'cuz I don't want to waste my time trying to answer this if you are =o).

    WapGW to MMS-relay traffic
    *MMS sent from terminal: HTTP POST, with MMS message (ENCODED!!!) in the body/content.
    *terminal retreiving MMS after receiving notification: HTTP GET

    It really should just be a matter of looking at normal HTTP traffic. If there's something there that looks odd, that would be the body of the POST message, and it is an encoded MMS message, and in that case, yes, the 209 spex are indeed what you need.

    Our "How to Create MMS Services" does (imho) a fair job of getting you started with "decoding" an MMS message, and you can always use the MMS Java Library samples to break the message down into its parts.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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