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    LED on E61 vs. custom MTMs

    On the E61, the LED across the front panel from the power button can flash to announce the arrival of new messages. We're building a set of custom MTMs for S60 v3 (concentrating on the E-series phones), and when using them on the E61 we would like to use the LED to announce the arrival of messages that we can handle. There have been two suggestions as to how we could do this:

    1) On UIQ there's apparently just a watcher app of some sort that custom MTMs can notify when a new message arrives. That then handles everything to do with new mail alerts. Does an equivalent exist on S60? Can we just tell some watcher that a new mail has arrived, and then it takes care of user notification, including flashing the LED on devices that have it?

    2) Another way might be to access the LED through the publish-and-subscribe system, but there doesn't seem to be any information on doing that. Is this possible?


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    Re: LED on E61 vs. custom MTMs

    Currently this functionality is restricted to Forum Pro members

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    Re: LED on E61 vs. custom MTMs

    You can control the light indicator using CHWRMLight class, this class is a little buggy but will do the work.
    If you wish you can check my posts I had a lot of problems lately with the leds

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