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    Angry NewApplication_FV@1 Warning while building


    I am new to S60 applications programming and experimenting with the Hello world program. Unfortunately, I got stuck here itself. I am using Carbide c++. I am encountering the above warning when I am trying to build the project. However the .sis file got generated. I have installed the .sis file on my 3660. But, the appliation is giving "System Error" when I tried to open the application.

    Could someone please advice if this error is because of the the project got built with a warning? Also, could you please advice what could be the reason for the error on my device?

    Actually, the pkg file that was built is for S60 Platform 2nd Edition. When I installed the sis file that got generated with this pkg file, the phone was giving "Series60 Product ID required" error during installation itself and the application was not getting installed at all. Then, I have taken Series 60 Product ID from a pkg file of another application that was meant for S60 v1.2, and put it in my pkg file and rebuilt the project. The sis file that got generated now, got installed quite well, but the "system Error" stated above
    is coming now when I am trying to open the application in phone.

    Please help!!!

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    Re: NewApplication_FV@1 Warning while building

    The 3660 is a S60 1st edition device, thus you could try to compile your code with the 0.9, 1.0 or 1.2 SDK.

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