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    Strange goings on with Nokia 6280 key lock

    I've just got a Nokia 6280 as an upgrade, and I have to say up to now I'm very pleased with it (apart from the battery life, though I usually stick my phone on charge every night anyway so it doesn't really bother me that much).

    But this morning it had me very confused. I bought a pouch for the phone yesterday, and when I went to put the phone into it, the key lock turned off. I thought I'd maybe hit a button by accident or slid the phone open slightly, so I tried again, and as soon as I got the top part of the phone into the pouch, off went the key lock. I thought I'd found a magic trick or something

    This went on for a while, I tried turning the phone upside down without the pouch near, and nothing happened. I tried running other things down the phone past the speaker, replicating what happens when I put it into the pouch, again, nothing. So I tried running the pouch down the phone in the same way, and off went the key lock.

    It took me a while, but I think now I've figured out what is going on. The pouch I bought has in it a magnet, I'm assuming that when you slide the phone open, rather than there being a switch inside that tells the phone its opened, there is probably a magnet inside (the speaker possibly), when the magnets part, the keylock turns off. Hence, when I run the magnet past the speaker area of the phone, it gets confused and thinks its opened.

    Or at least I hope this is whats going on, and that I'm not actually losing my mind. Can anyone confirm?

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    Re: Strange goings on with Nokia 6280 key lock

    Hi, the magnet is doing the trick that's for sure and regarding the battery you should definitely check the charger, I had the same problem and changing my charger helped.

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