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    Nokia Phone Software Updater


    I've download nokia phone software (firmware) updater from nokia europa site
    and install it my pc connect my 6680 via DKU-2 USB cable to pc and start program(software updater v 1.0.888en) this program is find 6680 updates on nokia server and found (RM-36). start updating process and program send them to my 6680 it's ok, my phone restart and my phone software version updated from V.3.04.07 to V.5.04.07 but my phone is support now three language
    English, Français and Deutsch but my language is Turkish. My question is "How can I change My phone language or add Turkish language" please help me !!!


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    Re: Nokia Phone Software Updater

    Your phone was probably originally manufactured for a different region/country than Turkey (UK, France or Germany, most likely), and later imported to Turkey by somebody, then reflashed locally with Turkish firmware and sold there.

    The Nokia systems presumably operate on the original information of where the device was destined (based on the phone's serial number, IMEI), and does not take into account "grey imports" that take devices to other places than originally intended.

    Perhaps a local Nokia service center in Turkey can help: http://www.nokia.com/repair

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