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    About Symbian/Nokia OS firmware development

    I am interested to know what kind of software/hardware
    development tools you have there when you are developing
    the firmwares on the Nokia phones ?

    I mean, that do you have some kind of special pc
    that emulates the phone and the system probably uses the
    commercial operating system ?

    Just a curious question.


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    Re: About Symbian/Nokia OS firmware development


    I do not think that Nokia uses any special software or hardware for development. I used to work for Motorola and we did not use anything like "special PCs" or "commercial operating system" other than MS Windows for development. Of course SDKs that are used differ a lot from those you can download free from the Internet because they contain all libraries and also Symbian source code (some parts of it are modified for a particular phone).

    "Special" software and hardware is used for testing. The test tools we used were from Racal Instruments and Anritsu. Also we used software that simulates phone's baseband. It allows to test voice/video calls, SMS, USSD and MMI and other various features on emulator.

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