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    Post Nokia E60 VoIP and VPN over UMTS?


    I am strongly considering buying a Nokia E60 for experiments for my company which I work at. The reason is that we like to have a cell phone which allows us to be flexible but yet technically advanced so that we for instance can connect to our IMAP mail server over a private VPN using UMTS as transport layer. Aswell as syncing the calendar using ICAL over the same VPN link.

    Possibly even add some kind of pre-authentication (such as RSA SecureID) after the VPN has connected.

    As I see that this phone has all these cool features Plus WLAN support it was a given consideration which may abide all these things.

    We would also like to be able to use VoIP over UMTS (as we have free data access accounts) if this would be possible. 200ms delay time and 300kbit/s should be sufficient to provide us connectivity for SIP.

    As I spoke with Nokia swedish technical support they could not garuntee that any of these features would work just "like that". As VoIP is apparently bound only to accept WLAN as transport carrier (kind of stupid?). And the same maybe goes for the VPN?

    Anyhow. How can I post a proper feature request with motivation to the people developing the Nokia phones themselves to maybe see this in a future software upgrade for the phone?

    As it would be as simple as allowing VoIP and VPN to use UMTS/GPRS as transport carrier and have a background application handling the tunnel while you check your email it should not be such a big change to make.

    What do you guys think? How can I proceed?



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    Re: Nokia E60 VoIP and VPN over UMTS?

    The Nokia MobileVPN works over a packet data connection (GPRS, EDGE and UMTS). However, configuring the client is a bit tricky, if you don't have a Nokia Security Service Manager (NSSM) server. Search for existing threads discussing that particular dilemma.

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