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    Localized Nokia 9210 firmware versions?

    Does Nokia have special firmware versions for different localizations (v03.14 English, Spanish, Portuguese) or is there always only one firmware for each language versions?
    If regional features are supported, what is the latest portuguese firmware version?

    An extra question?
    9210 (Portuguese localised version) gives
    error when opening Data Call connection:

    Application: Main
    Error Code : Etel Client Faul
    Reason : -28

    What happens?

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    RE: Localized Nokia 9210 firmware versions?

    You can download all data in one SIS package, where

    The version 3.54 or 3.62 software packages contain all 12 Nokia 9210 Communicator languages.

    The version 4.13 software packages contain all 15 Nokia 9210 Communicator languages.

    To download the software packages please go to page:
    Links are near to the bottom of the page. Select the software version and on the next page choose the "Nokia 9210 Communicator data in one SIS package"

    Best Regards,
    (V) - Forum Nokia Developer Support

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