Hi Guys,

I am not able to read any file residing in the memory card on Nokia 6630. I am getting "Security Exception: Access Denied". I added the necessary permissions from the toolkit. Also I checked the permission settings of the application from the application manager. I wrote the following statement to access the file:-

FileConnection fc = (FileConnection)Connector.open("file:///Z:/Nokia/Sounds/Digital/Chase.mid",Connector.READ);

I know that there are some restricted folders which we cannot access like system folders. But how can the whole memory card cannot be accessed? I tried reading files residing in different folders of the memory card but didn't succeed. Basically I am not able to access memory card...i.e. z:

I saw many threads related to this but didn't get satisfactory answers. If you people have any idea about this then please let me know.

Pankaj Hotwani.