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    Clean deleted everything!

    I selected 'Clean...' from Project menu and Carbide deleted my whole project! All cpp, h, resource files, everything is gone. How can this be? Before this happened, I was having problem with sis creation. Everytime I compiled the project, Carbide deleted the whole sis folder. Everything in the sis folder was gone (certificates, pkg file) after building the project. I was struggling with this and then I decided to clean my project and rebuild it. After Clean, all folders of my project were totally empty! I cannot find the files anywhere anymore.

    Luckily this was just a test project for testing carbide.

    I'm using Carbide.c++ Developer Edition
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    Re: Clean deleted everything!

    A clean just deletes all the files under the build directory (which is constructed from the name of the build configuration.) Any PKG or CER/KEY files in there are probably auto-generated from the build. You should not put any of your own files under this directory.


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    Re: Clean deleted everything!

    Yes that's what clean is supposed to do, but when I cleaned my project, it destroyed all files (cpp,h,etc.) from my workspace! I know this sounds impossible, but that is what happened. I would say that this is a quite serious bug in carbide. I haven't yet tried if I can get this to happen again, but hopefully not.

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