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Thread: 6230 Camera

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    6230 Camera

    I have a nokia 6230 which I take pictures with quite often but I am fed up with the camera noise it makes every time I take a picture, is there some way to get rid of the noise/stop the noise?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: 6230 Camera

    Because I have an answer...at least for S60 3rd ed.

    Look in the camera options Shutter tones and turn it off.

    now the official response...

    This discussion board is only for Developer Support.

    Nokia end user products support questions should be addressed at Nokia's online support sites http://www.nokia.com/support not here in Forum Nokia.

    Also there are some localized product support forums and one that is monitored and where you can get attention and solutions http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/. If you post your concerns there you may get a response from there.

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