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    Programming the nokia 6680

    Hello to all

    I have a nokia 6680.... I would like to create programs to it.
    Anyone can give me a hint... where can I start? What tools? Where can I find documentation ...

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello dear,


    Your phone model 6680 is:

    Nokia 6680 Technical Specs

    Operating System:
    Symbian OS v8.0a

    Developer Platform:
    S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 2

    source taken from http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/6680
    Do the following steps:
    1) Download SDK from following link:
    You shall find last 4th entry from the download drop down list. (142 MB)

    2) You can work with IDE like Microsoft VC++6, carbide etc...

    3) You shall also require Active Perl.
    Download it from: http://www.activestate.com/store/fre...5-08d58c2648ca

    4) See the examples from SDK installtion path:

    5) Start coding

    If you find any problem, you can ask in appropriate category of discussion board on forum nokia.

    Many good souls are living on this forum.

    All are benign and having soft heart.

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    Re: Programming the nokia 6680

    Kiran already described the Symbian C++ programming, which is the most powerful approach to create programs on Symbian phones, but even if you are familiar with C++ programming, it takes a while to become productive.

    Two other programming options are Java ME and Python

    This short FAQ poinst you to right direction for Java programming

    There is also plenty of documentation and example applications available both on Forum Nokia and Sun's Java ME pages (http://java.sun.com/javame)

    The Java SDK for your phone is available here

    On Python side, you should download the latest Python S60 build (version 1.3.1) for your phone from http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...roup_id=154155
    There is also some documentation available there.

    For a general Python tutorial, please go to http://python.org

    Of course you can also use Flash Lite to create graphical applications. for more info see http://www.adobe.com/mobile/


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    Smile Re: Programming the nokia 6680

    Thanks! Your both great!
    I'll start investigating

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