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    nokia 5500 java app preinstall

    I am trying to preinstall an signed java application, on nokia 5500 sport.
    I have put the jad & jar in the right place (\System\Data\midp2\preinstall) on the memory card but the application is not installed automatically like it should.
    The signed app installed and work correctly by bluetooth (i installed with jad so the certificate is no problem, nor is the data in the jad).

    Does anyone has any idea why the automatic installation doesn’t work?

    Have a nice day,

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    Re: nokia 5500 java app preinstall

    You should install all midlets through the normal process (PC suite, OTA or the way you have had success with). Placing the midlet in the preinstall folder is not the way to install midlets.


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    Re: nokia 5500 java app preinstall

    This method worked for other Series 60 3rd Edition devices (Nokia N73, Nokia N80). Our application must be embedded on the MMC! installation through pc suite or OTA is of no use to us.
    I don't understand why Nokia 5500 behaves differently than other S60 3rd Ed. devices.

    Could you tell me if 5500 uses another method to preinstall java applications on the MMC?

    The method we used is the one described in the S60_3rd_Ed_Preinstalled_Preloaded_Applications_v1_1_en.pdf file provided by Nokia (version 1.1, April 20 2006)!

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