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    Exclamation #include not working (Carbide)??

    When I compile my application (Emulator build) I get an 'undefined identifier' errror against an item in a .cpp file, yet the item is defined in an associated .h file. The .h where the item is defined is #included in the .h of the .cpp where the 'undefined identifier' error is marked up.

    I've also noticed that the .cpp of the 'undefined identifier' source is not listed in with the other .cpp's under the Binaries list '<my_app>_S60_2_6_Emulator_Debug.app' in the projects view.

    What could account for the #include not 'working', if that's the right word for whats happening and why doesn't the error items source file appear in the Binaries list?

    The source .cpp and .h file where the problem item is defined appear to compile without errors.

    Any responses appreciated.

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    Re: #include not working (Carbide)??

    If this is a compiler error then look for spelling errors, or an extern identifier that isn't declared.
    I think this (as most Udefined identifiers are) is a linker error and the problem is you are calling a function that is not defined anywhere only declared in a header file. You may be missing a library or a source file in your project.

    One other thing is inlined functions need to be defined in the translation unit, so if you have an inlined function declared but it is not defined in the header then you get undefined identifiers.



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