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    Angry Carbide.c++ won't import projects

    I have installed Carbide.c++ and I am trying to import my .mmp file. However, when I select File->Import, then select "Symbian MMP File" and click Next, I can browse for my .mmp file but the "SDKs and Build Configurations" window is empty. There are no SDK's to choose from!

    If I quit this and select Window->Preferences->Carabide.c++->SDK Preferences then my SDKs are listed. Some are red (the WINS ones) and some are black (the WINSCW ones).

    So why is Carbide finding the SDKs in this preference window and not in the import .mmp file dialog box?

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    Post Re: Carbide.c++ won't import projects

    I think you need to install '' ActivePerl '' then can you Import .mmp file.

    why we no clears with picture?
    Here the question! me too I have like this problem. Open The Links Below:
    When creating new project says No SDKs were Found
    SDK Preferences

    I'm not understand what this problem? :(
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    Re: Carbide.c++ won't import projects


    i had the same problem. (in my case the window where to select "SDKs and Build configuration" was completly emtpy).
    I figured out that the mmp file must not contain c++ comments in form
    /* blabla*/ somestatement
    e.g. /* added */   sourcefile.cpp

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