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    Msg path in a mobile

    hi guys,
    please tell me when a message reach a mobile where does it resides first,in any buffer or in inbox.i hope u got my question.Actually, i want to know the path followed by a msg in mobile.
    Nirmit Garg

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    Re: Msg path in a mobile


    welcome aboards!
    assuming Java related question asked:
    to read message (sms/mms) with midlet you need to use MobileMedia API (jsr-120/jsr-205) and register your application to listen for such messages
    Sending device need to send that message in specific way to let it to reach listening java midlet - otherwise message goes into default system inbox
    see for example:

    even if we know where exactly messages are written on device (physical location, path to file) its outside of java api to read that file using FileConnection api (JSR-75) because that system folders is within security box non reachable for untrusted and trusted (3rd party signed midlets) applications - at least on Nokia devices AFAIK,


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