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    Microsoft C++ Exception (0xE06D7363)

    One thing I have found very annoying about the C++ SDK for S60 3rd Edition is the rapid-fire output of "Microsoft C++ Exception (0xE06D7363) at address 0x7C812A5B" in the System Message window of CodeWarrior (or Visual Studio) - the exact address varies between emulator builds.

    It seems that these are uncaptured "leaves" (implemented as exceptions) percolating through all the way to the top of their respective thread. However, in its current form this is not particularly useful, and obscures some more helpful information, like loading/unloading of DLLs, that is being reported through the same channel.

    I would suggest adding a dummy try/catch in the emulator somehow (either generically, or to some of the worst offending threads), to clean up the output.

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    Re: Microsoft C++ Exception (0xE06D7363)


    any solution for this? Every time I debug the code under CW 3.1 I have to press few times F5 key to contuinue the code from address 0x7C812A5B... --> it's very annoying...


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    Re: Microsoft C++ Exception (0xE06D7363)

    This has been remedied in Carbide.vs 3.0. If you are on VS, suggest you upgrade.

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