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    Confused about Carbide.c++ and SDKs

    Hello carbide.c++ users,

    I'm confused about the installation of carbide and the other necessary tools. I'M new in this theme about Symbian OS.
    1. The introduction about carbide.c++ tells me it would include all necessary tools. This seems to be not the case. If I have understood correctly an SDK is additionally required, also perl is.
    2. The installation instructions tell me to install the SDK the to install perl. The note on the download page tells me it's required to have perl installed already when installing the SDK. What's correct?
    3. Which SDK do I have to use? The notes all tell me about support for CodeWorrier, Borland or the Microsoft IDE, bur not the carbide.c++.

    kind regards,

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    Smile Re: Confused about Carbide.c++ and SDKs

    Hello dear,

    Welcome :)

    You need to have SDK installed on yr PC.
    1) Download SDK from following link: ( appropriate one for yr development needs)

    2) You can work with IDE like Microsoft VC++6, Carbide, CodeWarrior etc...

    3) You shall also require Active Perl. Download it from:

    IDE just gives development interface, you have to have appropriate SDK and other supplimentary tools to work with.

    If u still find any problem, you are welcome to ask.


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    Re: Confused about Carbide.c++ and SDKs

    Regarding your 3rd question: Carbide.c++ requires the same SDK releases as CodeWarrior (usually ending with _CW except S60 2nd ed. FP3 and 3rd ed. which SDKs have no other releases than the CodeWarrior/Carbide one).

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