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    Question Nokia 2600 - Locked out SIM

    I locked out the SIM card on my 2600 and when it asked me for the sim serial number i messed up entering it so now it always says "SIM card rejected" and the only thing it lets me do is change the volume(pointless since I cant call anyone except 911), view the battery level, and type random numbers. When I type in random numbers it only has "clear" at the bottom unless 911 is entered, then it says "call". I can't get support from tracfone because they would make me call or reactivate my phone, and even then it might not work, so I want to know mroe about this before i buy airtime. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be appreciated.

    Phone Information:

    Type: RH-60
    Model: 2600b
    Service Provider: Tracfone
    IMIE (or ESN, which is the phone's serial number): 010474001711410
    Code (don't know what for, just on the info panel behind battery): 0519542010511QE

    SIM Information:

    Sim serial number: 89014103060223073722
    Some random code on it, not sure if it's important: TFSIMC4

    Thanks eveyone!
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