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    DevCert on nokia N71 (aka 804nk Vodafone Japan)

    I am trying to install a simple hello world application that I build with Carbide c++ and signed with a devcert obtained from SymbianSigned. The target device is a nokia N71 from Vodafone / Softbank japan (aka 804nk).

    At the time of the installation I get an error saying:
    "Certificate error. Contact the application supplier."

    I have read somewhere that DevCert are related to the "Symbian A root certificate" which is not installed on my N71 (aka 804nk vodafone / Softbank japan phone).
    The only Symbian certificates I have got installed are:
    SymbianB VeriSign Test-Based ACS Root
    SymbianD GeoTrust Identity-Based ACS Root

    I have three questions:
    Is the lack of Symbian A certificate the cause of my problem?
    and If so how can I install this certificate?
    which symbian certificate do you have?

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    Re: DevCert on nokia N71 (aka 804nk Vodafone Japan)

    Here what the Symbian FAQ says:


    17. Can I sign a .csr by other means (e.g. OpenSSL) and use it to sign my SIS file?

    No. Developer Certificates must chain to the Symbian A root certificate that will be in the certificate store of
    Symbian OS v9 phones in order for the SIS file to install successfully. Signing a .csr without submitting to the
    portal will give you an invalid Developer Certificate.

    However, as I said I don:t have the Symbian A root certificate on my 804nk (vodafone japan N71).

    Is this the root of my trouble? Is there a way to install this certificate?


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    Re: DevCert on nokia N71 (aka 804nk Vodafone Japan)

    and here another document that clearly says that the Symbian A root certificate must be present on the phone in order to install application signed with a devcert.


    So, really. my question is now:
    is there a way to install this certificate.


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    Re: DevCert on nokia N71 (aka 804nk Vodafone Japan)

    spirit77fr, I do not know if this is related to your experiences, but I have heard (I do not have first hand knowledge / excperience) that Vodafone in Japan has restricted application installation on their devices.
    See for example these mails from keitai discussion list:


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    Re: DevCert on nokia N71 (aka 804nk Vodafone Japan)

    I enquire about this on the symbian newsgroup and here the response I got:

    The Symbian A root certificate is not present on the 804nk phone at
    Vodafone Japan's request. It therefore seems that they have chosen not to
    allow Developer Certificates on their phones.

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