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    Carbide J1.5 standalone

    I am getting the following error when I run the emulator ;

    Failed to launch the emulator.
    Caught exception:
    java.lang.RuntimeException: command failed with Symbian error code:-4
    at com.symbian.tools.j2me.sei.emulator.session.commands.SessionCommandLoad(SessionCommand.java:70)
    at com.symbian.tools.j2me.sei.emulator.session.commands.InstallCommand.load(InstallCommand.java:116)
    at com.symbian.tools.j2me.sei.emulator.session.commands.SessionCommand.execute(SessionCommand.java:86)
    at com.symbian.tools.j2me.sei.emulator.session.RemoteSession.installMIDletSuite(RemoteSession.java:212)
    at com.symbian.tools.j2me.sei.emulator.EmulatorLauncher.launchMIDlet(EmulatorLauncher.java:527)
    at com.symbian.tools.j2me.sei.emulator.EmulatorLauncher.launch(EmulatorLauncher.java:304)
    at com.symbian.tools.j2me.sei.emulator.Main.main(Main.java:47)

    I have installed Series 60 3rd edition sdk, I don't know what is wrong.

    Please help!

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    Re: Carbide J1.5 standalone


    I have the same problem in Eclipse.

    Do you find a solution?


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    Re: Carbide J1.5 standalone

    Which version of Eclipse are you using (note that Carbide.j has been tested with Eclipse 3.0 and 3.1 - there are issues with Eclipse 3.2 ->)?
    Have you installed Eclipse in the default directory or somewhere else? Are Carbide.j and Eclipse installed on the same drive. What is your OS and Java SDK version?


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